Recall Greatness

Recall Greatness

Let's recall greatness
those who stood the test
of time.
They require no trophy
they services carry no fee
because they did it with love.
selfless love.
They did all so we today can stand tall
Their reward cannot be found here
it resides above 
where only the sincere ones gather.
Let's recall greatness that does not care
for that small portrait you prepared
for them to sit in.
No they broke the glass
because their dreams surpassed
everyone's greatest imagining.
Let's recall greatness
as they stood in the dark
and shone and shone
so we could see our own light.
Let's recall greatness
for they sought treasures not trophies.
All Greatness comes from God

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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