Make The New Year Count

Today is December 31, 2021. Where I am from. Maybe as I write this, somewhere in the world it is already 2022. So, we already have persons embarking on their New Year’s resolutions or not. Many see the New Year as the best time to forget about all the bad things that happened in 2021 and embrace all the good ahead, all the possibilities waiting to be picked from the tree of opportunities. That is how we have been told to think of the New Year.

So, there is no surprise when many are disillusioned with what the New Year does not bring: a fresh new start and a brand new me, and you. The idea that we can start new when the new year comes is for many a fallacy. The problems that created those challenges more than likely are still there because there has been no attempt to get to the root cause of our issues. Therefore, diet plans will fail, so too will financial goals and any other type of New Year’s resolution we may have. I myself have had many such resolutions that have not panned out within a specific time were abandoned for the familiarity of mediocrity: why bother, it was a long shot anyway, it would have never worked anyway, maybe this is how things should be.

But for the New Year let us not abandon those changes that we still have not made, the many things that we already wrestle with and need to change. Let’s not add a new set of goals when we still have some fundamental things to work on about ourselves that has limited us so far. Let us not use this new year as an excuse to give up on areas that we still have to work on.

Instead of plunging headlong into new resolutions, we probably need to do a little self-examination, be honest with ourselves and act on that honesty. What goals did we have that we did not achieve and still would like to achieve? How will we get them done? There are habits that we may still struggle with, and we need to daily work on them. What can be done differently to finally start seeing positive and consistent changes in this regard. There may be a way of thinking that has harmed others or held us back, and we need to work on this.

Maybe it is best not to leap into the new year but take it a step at a time, being aware that we carry baggage from the previous years that we need to work out how to finally unload them.

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