Looking Around?

Are you looking around to find who you are? Are you stalking every platform to find that one message that will have all the answers you need to discover yourself and finally understand your purpose? Well if you are you need to reconsider if this is the right course and if you are doing this for the right reasons.

It is always good to seek out good examples that can help you in your own journey, but I believe there is no need to spend the entirety of your life watching videos, perusing writings and listening to speeches that can show you the way. At some point, it must become clear that there is a limit to how much these sources can be the bridge between you and realising your purpose, to living. I have come to realise that we will find ourselves only when we take a good look within and do the work that needs doing from within.

We sometimes are not satisfied with our own appreciation of ourselves and what we can do. We search ceaselessly for validation in every corner of our world and may still not be happy with any answer. Whatever you do must be from you and must be spurred by a desire and ability to do so. Who you are must be true to what is inside of you and not reflect what has been determined by what is outside of you. Though I have been motivated by others to do many things, I realise that I cannot rely on them to help my dream flourish, to make it stay alive. The moment I started to think of myself as a writer, was the moment I started to believe I could publish a book, even if no one ever bought it and even if I had to do it alone. Whenever it was needed it would be there ready, waiting to be consumed.

Stop looking around for someone to make you feel like you are capable because you already are. Stop looking for the perfect answers to all your problems, nothing is perfect and many things happen because of trial and error. Stop expending so much energy on getting the right message, listen to that soft still voice, until it is loud enough to propel you to act in a way that is true to you. Stop searching and find what is already in your hand and that will be enough.

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