The Plan?

The Plan?

                         the dream plan
get a board
make a vision
put it down
then wait for the universe

there is more?

flexifize - oh not a word?
Okay scratch that one!
Now, set your goals
you must know those
and by damn
take action?
Action plan!

Okay let's turn this page...

                             God's plan
You must be saved
from your own disgrace
to find the grace
take hold of salvation.
the vision board cannot contain
a plan that is divine.
So what to do
what goals to make
and which dreams should you be running to?
root your knees
at prayerville
and let the truth flow in.
But this plan 
lacks your control
half it's truth will never be told
hard to grab and hold,
hard to follow and obey
but to expereince this plan it's the only way.

                                         Whose plan?
So much to consider
so much to do
so much paperwork 
when you are only human, 
and there is only you...

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