Impregnable Walls and Hunger.

Yes my friend we are at it again, looking for more gems in, The Richest Man in Babylon. I have rolled Chapters 7 and 8 together not because they do not on their own have may gems but simply because they go together.

Now, in Chapter 7, “The walls of Babylon“, there is much excitement amiss. Chaos and near apocalyptic images ensue, Babylon in under attack! What does money have to do with this? Well let’s see. So Babylon is under attack, their enemies want to pillage and destroy but the Babylonians want to preserve their lives and livelihood. The only thing that separates them and the enemy is a wall made hundreds of years ago. The wall must stand! However, the enemy is relentless and fear grows like a monster devouring the weak. But the chapter is not about defeat are carnage. It is a lesson on making sure that you are prepared for days of unrelenting attack by building a strong wall to defend you and your assets. When it comes to your defenses make sure you have one for your wealth – tangible or not. For when those sudden winds if change that can tear a part your sails to leave you shipwrecked come you will need that wall of protection. The gem dropped here: “…behind the impregnable walls of insurance, savings accounts and dependable investments we can guard ourselves against the unexpected tragedies that may enter any door and seat themselves before our fireside”.

How strong is your financial wall? Well, I need to go build one!

Chapter 8, “The Camel Trader of Babylon“, a different perspective but one much needed as a reminder from time to time. The chapter begins, “The hungrier one becomes the clearer ones mind works”. So, this is about food? No, it is not about food! However, it is about having a strong conviction. In the story we are told of Dabasir, who has quite some ill-advised adventure – he ended being a highway robber – and is eventually sold as a slave. His dilemma, will he remain one? He hears one simple truth that pushes him to change his situation, “If a man has within him the soul of a slave will he not become one no matter what his birth, even as water seeks its level?” Now for me it is a matter of perception. How you perceive yourself is how you will behave. What you tell yourself you are or you are not is what you act upon. Change your defeatist mindset and you change how you behave, when you stop acting defeated you can never be conquered by man or beast. Your defenses will never go weak and cause you to be breeched and destroyed. The wealth that you can grow can never be outstripped, if you remain determine to make the best of those opportunities that come your way. When Dabasir had the chance to leave the slave lifestyle and mentality behind he did and became The Camel Trader of Babylon. What slavish mentality will you leave behind? How determined are you to break those chains and live like someone truly free? “Where the determination is the way can be found”.

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