Walking that Treadmill…

Walking on a treadmill versus walking is a big difference. When you walk on a treadmill you walk aimless because you are walking in the same place. Many of us want to change, we want to grow and have new experiences but we are walking on treadmills. We think the same way we have always thought, do the same things we have always done, go the same places we have always gone, we become slaves to habits that have never served us and wonder why we are stuck. We want to shake off 2020 and all that did not go right but, we still are thinking about all that went wrong last year and have not committed to looking ahead. We are stuck. Escape is necessary but hard.

There are many who also think they are getting ahead but have not looked down to see that they are moving at a predetermined pace on a predetermined device. All that they have accumulated to themselves have bogged them down to remain in place. We may think we are in control but how many times do we feel out of control when we are overwhelmed by all that we are required to do. We certainly do not require it of ourselves, but some how, in order to pass the test we remain committed to a cause not our own. A cause that we can never explain without being more confused than we were a few minutes before we started our explanation.

And do not think for minute it is easy to get off. With many doubts about getting off, many choose to ride or walk it out until they can stop. However, a crazy though is to get off while you can even if it means risking all and grabbing back only the pieces of yourself. It will be worth it trust me.

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