Lies Tastes So Good

In a world were people speak about integrity, it seems that many did not get the memo that lies are a no no. We see it every day but we ignore it. People who spurt or wax words of wisdom about the importance of being honest from the right side of their mouths while on the left the spew lies and call them necessary or worse, say they represent in some twisted ways the truth.

It tastes so good to the ego, sweetens the image we want others to have us and scintillates the pride of those willing to be deceived. Many deny that they do it- especially the righteous upright. Especially the moral gate keepers who are quick to point out your lies and wrongdoings. But Lies have become the bread and butter of too many “upstanding” “political correct” deceivers. So when you have to defend the truth against a lie that has the strength to kill, you shake in your boots because even you see its allure.

Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive. Not only do we deceive others but we deceive ourselves and we allow ourselves to be deceived. They catch up with us and expose us, maybe not to the world but to someone who thought better of us. One lie leads to another, until our whole life is built on lies and because there was no strong foundation, eventually, everything comes toppling down. Lies consumed daily become like oxygen, hard to survive without, they become so vital that even if they destroy us or those around us they become a necessary evil.

Lies may bring us the desires of the heart but they also take them. They may grant us fame but then mold us into infamy, they can be our salvation and our retribution. Lies may seem harmless but they are monsters when they are overfed.

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