Stay Focused!

“Life is not a fairytale”. We hear this all the time but some of us, as my granny use to say, “head tough”. We constantly fall into the trap of wanting to float away on the cloud of a magical world. We see something and before we start putting in the work we already have it. We stay in the fantasy world day dreaming our lives away. But, we have to stay focused and get our heads out of the cloud. We need to do a check in, be honest with ourselves. Are we truly being honest? Are our expectations just so ridiculous? Living your life waiting for something wonderful to happen is a recipe for disaster. First you have to be realistic about what you can achieve. I know the saying, “do not limit yourself”, but when there are no odds because the expectation is pass unreal, then you have to be smart enough to see this from a mile. Many persons constantly fall in the trap of losing focus and drifting and when they are bitten by the bug of reality, are so heart broken that they give up fold their hands and declare the word a cruel cruel place. But we have to stay focused, we cannot be distracted by the what ifs and those magical clouds that disappear just as quickly as they appear.

Whether it is in seeking a job, a place to live or a partner, we have to stay focused. We have to train our minds to live in the present to look around at where we are and operate based on that knowledge. There is no way that you can take giant steps before the baby ones. So we have to overcome those baby steps and then once we have conquered them move on to working on those giant ones. We cannot let opportunities pass us by and then cry for their loss with our heads tucked down so that we cannot see those opportunities ahead. Whether we want to admit or not, too many of us have done so. Stop looking down, remove the star dusts from your eyes and see clearly what is before you and act based on that. Do not get carried away with what could be and stay there. Get out of your minds eye of remembered images and fogy dreams and make things happen. I don’t mean to suddenly get aphantasia, but make sure you are not living a fantasy 24/7. No one is going to come to transform your life, it starts with you. Stay focused and stay in the reality of your life.

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