Shine shine shine!

The parable that encourages is not to hide our light but let it shine for all to see, is one that I consider today. There are many who feel hopeless because they feel they have little contribution to make. They see so many gifted persons who have done so much and they look at their lives and what they have done and are ashamed of their lack of accomplishments. I have a friend who is an excellent cook, who shares the delight of what she creates. By doing so she is sharing her talent that delights the eyes and satisfies the taste buds. She is shining her light, her gift which touches those close to her and those far away. I remember my grandmother -great grand mother actually -who baked over 2o Christmas cake each year and gave most of it away, who always left a little extra when she cooked “in case stranger pass”. She was an amazing cook and many came to take delight in her offerings.

Many hesitate to be and show who they are, because they are afraid they may fail or come up short, so they never shine where they are. They hope and hope that one day they will get the chance to get it right, like all the others who succeed. If we are to shine we must act out those talents, out purpose and do so not with fake modesty but with the confidence that we are doing what we meant to do.

Shining as we were meant will bring us peace. Knowing that we are using our gifts to empower and uplift others will in turn empower and uplift us. We just need to make sure that we do not try to confirm to a way of being that is not aligned to who we are so that we do not out our light.

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