I Will Bring You Back

I Will Bring You Back

For I will bring you back...

Back from the edge of doom,
back from your own folly,
I will give you what you need to restore all that you have lost,
I will bring you back.

When everything has been stripped from you
fret not your sorrow will not last.
When the end is over and you have accepted your lot
I will bring you back.

After it has all been written - 
what was first spoken.
Then I will cast my eyes on you
and speak a new story for you
that will be written about you.
I will bring you back.

You will not have to cry for the lost
nor mourn for what is no more.
You will carry your shield of faith,
when it is restored.
I will return your armour
new again,
fit for the new battle to come.
I will be the light you need
to go on your way.
I will make your path clear
enough to make your way sure.
I will breathe new life in you.

For I will bring you back!

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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