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Someone’s journey begins with this verse. How does this apply to you? It is a beautiful door isn’t it? Many of us have such beautiful doors that we not only lock, but we also batten down tight. It takes many errors sometimes to realise that all we have to do is surrender when we are in doubt and wait for what’s to come. We need to breathe, let some cool breeze in that will give life and light. When we close ourselves off from all possibility, why do we expect to get a miracle. We have to open ourselves, though we may be afraid, though we may be cynical to the possibilities of miracles and a gentle voice that guides, instead of confuses.

Watching... waiting for His coming

Someone needs the reassurance of these words as they face the hail storm that lie ahead after coming through the fire that is now behind them. There is always a period when there is perfect peace and in those times we have to grab a hold of sanity and let it lead the way. Sometimes we stand alone ot among a few and realise that pain will lead to pleasure and sadness will give way to joy. To mould you He had to break you ans to smooth you out you had to burn. A promise is a promise and will come true if you believe.

Revelation 3:10 (ESV) - Revelation 3:10 ESV - Because you have ...

A season is only for a moment, a moment that may seem too long for you to bear. So just when you feel that this is it, then comes the shower of rain. All you need to do is to wait for it and let it happen. There is no potion you can brew that can get you where you want to be or need to be. Healing comes after the wound and not before. There is a process that must take place before you can come out on the other side.

god restores health

But you will and when you do, all you can say is Thank you Lord, I made it through.

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