Day and Night

A dash of dreams...
A tupse of twenty-twenty vision.

let's turn the page!
Do things
important things.

But the latch felt and we were
whispers everywhere
whispers to ripples
ripples to waves
waves become liquid mountain
crashing down.

We ran into secret places
All dreams, attacked, 
grasping desperately for air.

It wasn't fair,
it didn't care, 
man woman and child
all had a fair share.

We raged, we cried, we begged - 
It did not hear, Misery kept us company.

The carnival had ended and so masks were removed.
Many Medusas were unveiled that day,
No Oracles to spin fantasies.
Helpless to the onslaught we cowered in dark places.

Out of despair many turned to Him.
Will He hear their cry?
Will He care?
Will He...? 

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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