Perfect Timing.

Is there really a perfect time to do anything? I use to think so, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe the idea of the perfect time does not rest with luck but with us.

We seem to belief that things happen by chance – well some of us do. Therefore, we sit back and wait for the perfect opportunity to move, to chase things down or receive what’s always been coming to us. When none of that happens we instead fall back on the comfortable cushion of, “it wasn’t the right time guys”. For some of us when we never see what we want to see, it never ever will be the right time.

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It will never be the perfect timing because we have cultivated a negative perspective of our circumstances. Sometimes when we are waiting for the right time, we do not realize that things have been happening to and around us and worse still that the perfect timing was always there, waiting for us to seize it, before it left us because of our inactivity. We feel we will make a move when we are ready but on our own, we will never be ready.

Does it mean we have to act on everything right away? I also do not think we need to grab whatever comes and run with it. We really need to think about what we are getting into before we commit. There is real value in waiting, because it is what is required at the time. But if we pass up opportunities because we are waiting for the perfect time then this reason alone is flawed. The opportunity that you think is a great one that just came at the wrong time according to you, may never come your way again. Maybe it’s not up to you to determine the right time. If you prayed for something and you are given it, why then do you refuse to accept it because for you it came ten days too early? That thinking is madness, and don’t worry it is a madness That I too have been guilty of.

How often do the stars align? Here is what I think, everything will never come together perfectly. Thinking about it, do we really need that to happen. Don’t we get more excitement out of the journey than the destination? Or maybe not, but the idea that things happen perfectly, only happens in a perfect world and we don’t have one. Also guess what? Stars are usually aligned, and will always be, as long as they are around. So too, you will find that there is no grand event that will make you rich, successful or happy. The opportunities have already been set aside for us by God, all we have to do is to forget the perfect time and reach for them in time.

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