The Danger Lies Within

“It’s amazing what we keep hidden from others.”

― James Morris, What Lies Within

Here’s a wild thought: in the story of the Garden of Eden the serpent tempts Eve who in turn convinces Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. It’s the serpent’s fault for tempting them in the first place right? Well what if a large portion of the blame lies with those who gave in to the temptation. I mean we have been taught to hate the serpent and revile it for its place in the fall of man from grace. However, what if we look at it this way: by reviling the serpent we negate the blame unto him and in a way use the crutch of human imperfection to mitigate the role of both in their fall.

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Sometimes we do the same and do not realize or choose to ignore that we do. We try to fight the enemy: the ones who undermine us, those people who, “have it in for us”. When really, we have so many faults, they create bigger problems than any problem our “enemies” can cause. We take a break from feeling any guilt that we did or are doing something wrong in all the mess we may find ourselves in . We latch on to the victim mentality and we run with it. After all it’s not our fault that we are so good and everyone else is so so bad! And it feels good doesn’t it, when we know our failure is not because we did something wrong? It was that “bad mind friend”, that “no good person” who would not let us win! Meanwhile, many with this mentality sit and wait for the proof that yes, the world has it in for us ; I got up and the sun was not shinning and the traffic was just terrible, life surely wants me to fail.

And I could find more examples with the many excuses made and blaming being spewed everywhere. But one day when we realize how toxic we can be, we are suddenly devastated by how blind we have been to this side of ourselves – not really. Some even choose to live in denial, finding it easier to hide behind the victim mentality, rather than acknowledging our faults. But we never hide from the truth and will one day need to acknowledge and be honest about our role in what is taking place in our lives. The problem is not that we make mistakes, the problem is when we do not acknowledge that we have a major role in the mistakes made. After all, you have to ask yourself if God was more angry at Adam and Eve for eating the fruit or for lying about it, even with the evidence of them wearing those fig leaves.

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