Who’s to Blame

Who’s to blame when you waste your time? Why no one of course but you!

Often we look back and wonder where the time went. We next consider what we have done in the time that’s gone and we have serious lamentations for the time lost. But guess what, only you are to be blamed.

The time you lost is gone because you gave it away. Whether you stopped to hear and hold true the flowery words thrown at you or you took refuge from many imagined foes and monsters. Time lost can never be regained. Ground wasted can never be recaptured. So when you waste your time on things and people do not blame them. You chose to gift it to them and like any human being, no one is going to refuse a gift that brings them much. The prove of the pudding is in the doing and not the waiting; if you wait too long to exhale you may just lose the ability to breath. Waiting for a change or something new will not be fruitful, but doing something new or doing something to spark a change will.

In this season of new beginnings do not simply wait, but get up and do. smile more if you never use to smile much, say something even if get comes out all jumbled; practice makes perfect. You want a little more excitement in life, do something exciting and don’t wait on someone exciting – because they are doing what excites them and not you. They are living their best life while you are just watching. When the show is over all you will be left with is not your experience but your memory as a bystander.

Feeling as if you are not where you should be? Get up and go there; no one is responsible for taking you. No one is responsible for your happiness or contentment or what you qualify as success; only you. Do what you need to do now and not later (here many, many of us need this, myself included). You want others to take you seriously, well they only will if you start feeling about yourself and perceiving yourself as you want others to.

Step out of the dark and into the light, after all confined to the dark there is little potential for growth, to just breath.

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