Being Replaceable is Good

You are replaceable and this is good. Knowing that you are should greatly ease your mind. The idea of being replaceable is a big blow to many a egos. However, you should be good that you are. It doesn’t matter the relationship you have or your job knowing that you do not have to be a permanent fixture there can give you a feeling or sense of power and control over your life.

while no one wants to think that they are easily replaced the fact of the matter is we are. It is not that we don’t accept that people in general are, it is that we do not want to see ourselves in that light. Why you may ask? Because some of us may feel that being replaceable reflects a devaluing of our worth. But having such a view of being replaced will only limit our ability to see beyond our current situation, especially a situation we feel frustrated in. We need to accept that life goes on, with or without us. People will still, eat, sleep, laugh, grow and so on, without us there. That job that you find so hard to leave at work, will still get done, by someone else.

So where is the freedom in this?

You can stop worrying. No, things will not fall apart without you. In fact things may be better without you there.

People will survive, they will move on, and you don’t have to be there to see this happen. If you need to move on, then you can move on knowing this. In whatever capacity, you do not need to rage against the dying of a light , at the closing of a door , at the end of an era. It’s much better to know, once you leave, that you will be hard to replace more than staying and being stressed thinking you are irreplaceable.

Sunset View of Mountains

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