Let’s Stop Running.

You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it


It’s easy to run away from the plans God has for you; it’s easy to make excuses in living your purpose. Just decide to do nothing and nothing will happen; decide to fight tooth and nail to go the other way when everything and everyone is pushing you in the opposite direction. It is important to chart your own way but we must also know when the tide is against us. It is quite easy to spend your time being busy doing absolutely nothing. People see you busily on your way spending hours doing something and voila you have successfully convinced them and yourself that you are succeeding. Early to arrive and the last to leave must count for something right? You are unproblematic and you do what you are told, so it’s all systems go, right?

But one day you realize that all that you have done for you has been meaningless because you have not done one thing that you are passionate about. You look at other persons doing what you want to do and you say, “ah they are so brave” or the bitter ” they think they are better than every body. Well let me tell your wasted years has nothing to do with the next person and everything to do with you. You were the one who wasted our time on things that held little meaning and purpose. Things that you were not good at but that you felt compelled to do based on your own distorted view of your image and the intentions of God for your life.

The simple fact is, doing everything except what you need to do is a waste of time. Let us stop running away from what we should be doing when the writing is clearly there on the wall. No one is going to give us back the time we’ve lost an no one has time to mourn with us. The time to switch things around id now, not later when you have more courage or have secured ALL the tools you need; you may have to pick some up along the way. Do not ignore that voice that you try to silence with your noise of nothingness. Listen carefully to it, because you already know what it’s saying is true; you just don’t want to hear it. It is the truth that we often press pause on, because the fantasy is much easier to live through. But when it all goes up in smoke then you may be stuck in the belly of the whale. Most things in life don’t come easy and “you will never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice” – Bob Marley.

We all have a difficulty identifying our purpose, but it has always been within us to know. The problem is that what we realize we should be doing is not what we have told ourselves we want to do. The problem in living our purpose is that we find too many reasons to fail and fail to act. We accept the limitations imposed on us and forget that our seeming weakness is the very thing we need to find our way. Maybe like Simba in The Lion King we need to be reminded that we are more than we have become. Like Jeremiah ordained a prophet in his mother’s womb by God, we need to be reminded that we were meant for more than we see ourselves in the now. We need to stop thinking about failing, stop thinking about success as only material wealth and truly be willing to stick out in the crowd. Let us stop running from who we are and embrace our purpose which is to build and plant.


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