True strength lies not in taking action, but doing so only after you have listened intelligently

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There are times when you think you are doing what is right. When you see persons and you begin to admire them because they seem to be the exception and not the rule. We admire people who are able to sway others and convince us that what they do is for the greater good. But we need to be careful of the true intentions of persons we admire. Admiration can turn into hero worship and then to plain and simple worship. We become fixated on that person and every move they make becomes our problem and we know more about them than we do about ourselves. We make them our idols. Our waking thought becomes how to be like that person, how much we love and admire and respect them. But we never stop to think why this is so. What have they really done to earn this idol worship?

We do not owe anyone that level of adulation; we can respect them for their choices, without supporting them. We can recognize talent but also acknowledge how that talent may become a hazard to those around them. In other words, we need to check our intentions concerning persons we choose to admire. There are many messages that on the surface seem harmless, but they were created that way for the purpose of deceiving many. Take the word idealist for example, it can mean having lofty goals – which is good – but, can also mean being out of touch with reality – not good. It really comes down to context. When there is unease with some things that seem good, we prefer to wear blinkers and generally accept these messages not because we’re convinced, but because we do not want the wave to leave us behind. So we follow along like sheep to the slaughter, aiding and abetting our demise.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

John 8:32

What is missing from the conscious psyche of many today is Shama (Hebrew word sh’ma – hear and understand) –the ability to listen with intelligence. Somehow we have to be able at all times to pick sense out of nonsense (as my granny use to say). We need to be willing to ask questions instead of accepting ready made answers given to us. We need to dig deeper to what’s hidden beneath the surface. It also brings to mind the saying, that all that glitters is not gold. The messages that we receive and accept, sometimes take a lot of time to craft just right to capture us; sometimes, the devil is in the details, and we have forgotten to put The Creator in it .

It’s easy to be distracted by all that is said, but maybe we need to pay attention to what is not said. To ask the questions that no one is asking and be willing to accept the truth instead of fearing it. But in order to do this we first must be willing to recognize the truth and not a version of some fantasy we have created to mask the ugliness of reality. We must be willing to confront the truth and use it to act wisely. We need to be willing to hear so clearly that we understand so well that we obey naturally. The hardest part for many is acceptance!

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