Nobody can teach me who I am.

― Chinua Achebe

Do you want to feel powerful – better yet, be powerful? Do you want to take back your power,to feel in control? Well what or who are you waiting on?No one can make you anything you were not originally created to be. If you think that someone has made you who you are, rest assured that the “you” they have created is dependent on that person and not you.

If you want to be sure about a decision but don’t know how to, and you have gotten ten different people to give you advice; stop and look no further than that small voice begging to be heard. If you consult it, and it is calm and balanced then continue, you are about to make the best decision for you and not those ten people who gave you an answer based on their own unconscious desires.

At this point you may be thinking of giving up, all this time it’s been one crisis or another and you are tired. Wait. The reason the pressure is on, is because things are about to take a turn for the better, hang on just a little longer. Even if the one branch left seems too slender to hold your weight; It will not break but bend.

And if you can remember why you started all those years ago, then it’s not a problem, you will get there anyway. Even when you felt at one point that you were going in circles as time slipped through your fingers, it’s not a big deal. Your goals may seem far away but you have come to the realization that what was once on the mountain peak is now on the plain. What was ahead is now in front of you and before you know it, will be behind, only a memory to take our and admire from time to time.

And (not if) when you reach this point, there is a whole new adventure waiting just around the corner.

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This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God  (Revelation 14: 12a)

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