What’s Your Intention? Show Me Your Motion…

When you are wrong, admit it. When you are right be quiet.


Both intention and action require involvement but one has the potential of being deferred; one is mental the other physical. I want to remind many of you that many of us live inside our heads a lot more than we do in the real world. We make plans, then change them, consider the likelihood of success or failure and most times end up discarding them; while others look at us either in pity or suspicion. Pity that we can’t seem to get off the ground and suspicion that we can never make up our minds. some may even ask the question, “can we trust you”?

I was enlightened recently on a perspective I had always taken for granted, in a discussion with a group of friends concerning human nature. The conversation started simply enough as we tried to understand what made us or anyone act a certain why, it ended with this nugget: we are not born inherently good, and it is easier for us to do what is bad than what is good. Easier to sin than not.

Now please take a minute to think about it. How often have you succumbed to the temptation to do something that you know is wrong generally or that is wrong for you. It’s easier for many to eat food that is unhealthy than reach for a healthier alternative. We find ourselves saying the wrong things and making bad decisions than the other way around. It may have been our intention to do good, but it never seems to quite go the way we intend it to go. Our words or action end up conveying a message that we had never intended.

Or is this the case? Are we being honest about our intention?

It’s easy to say, “that’s not what I meant to do or say” – when we are challenged in some way. Is it true or even fair to say that we are nothing but what we do? Take your minds eye and look within and let us be honest with ourselves. Is there a part of us that really intended the action we carried out, a part of us that we refuse to acknowledge, because we know, it signifies a side to our nature that is not “our best”. It’s great to have good intentions but do we also have bad ones and how do we recover when the bad manifest, in how we treat others? No one is only good or bad we are both. We may have to work really hard to do what is right by focusing on the right intention. It is true that our actions are what we are judged on and not what we intended to do.

Make sure that you do not only become intention focused and not action driven. Make sure to water your good intentions so they can bear fruit but don’t forget to weed out the bad when you see them smothering the good ones.

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