You Reap What You Sow

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? It does not have to be. We really need to hear this – be reminded of this -when we are too distracted sowing all kinds of seeds, the good, bad and ugly. Well some of us, never seem to sow bad seeds and this is such a breath of fresh air. Some never sow the seed they intended which could have been avoided with a little self-assessment from time to time.

What we can do to reap a good harvest is to avoid becoming complacent. Though we hear this often, many of us do become complacent and the result of complacency is like walking through sargasso to get to where you are going. By inaction, many create longer roads with harsher conditions to get to their destination. What may help is to act with intention in even minor tasks. As a result, it remains for us to be vigilant so we can confidently reap the best things we can reap.

Also, know that your thoughts matter, Some may even say they matter more than our actions. What you decide to implant in your mind will determine your yield. If the messages are always negative, with nothing leading to your upliftment, the result will always be negative. To avoid always living in fear means to remove things, thoughts and ideas that are based on fear. Be positive in your outlook and be thankful instead of complaining and worrying. These could include what we see in the news, choose to speak about with our friends and even what we think. All need these need to be regulated. Trust me, it is so easy to be swept along but we can stand no matter what the situation to yield a good crop.

Finally, we must remain confident. What we sow we do indeed reap and so this can be an encouragement. It encourages us to sow good thoughts, actions and words. Those that uplift our lives and the lives of those we meet. So, before you sow think of what you will reap and make sure it will fragrant your life and the lives of others.