What Not to Say

What Not to Say

It's funnny how you go
intending to show
you much you care.
You trample the fragile grass
of hope,
left in reserve
for a time when hope is scarce.

"Sorry for your loss"
is tossed like a sauce
that stings an empty soul.
A tear forced here,
cracked voice there
that offers no warmth
to those now left in the cold.

"So how did he die?"
A dagger in the heart,
a fresh wound bleeds 
with each uttered breath.
Maybe next time 
you will get the report 
that pays for the salt
you carried for treating the wounds.

"I will talk to you then."
A promisory note
that brings us to the end 
of a most difficult talk.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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