New Self-Concept

New Self-Concept

Do you know
the image you hold
of you
can change?

Do you know 
the story you've been told of you
may not be the true?

When you remove all the cobwebs
in your head
You can think
without the kinks
to turn, bend and grow.

Oh no!
Do not go
down the torutruing tunel of self doubt
because someone refuses to let you out
of the prison built just for you.
Let go of those strings
that keeps you in
the Grimes fairytale. 

Stop thinking
if you just dig in
you can solve the puzzle of you
to start living.
Dig in to the here and now
and nurture all the seeds
that make you grow and don't.

If you are there
pull back from the brink
of rigidity that sinks,
grab hold and cling
to the life you get to live
So broken pieces can be whole.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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