Stop Being Led

I have stopped to contemplate how I have been led over the years. In many ways, I have allowed myself to be led by the whims and experiments of others. Led by people who come with absolute truths that later they discard as fraudulent. Then what does that make them?

I have seen many who seemed to have it together and thought, “if only I can be like them”. Then, to see them crying, ugly tears confessing that the mask that was the image they had created, had cracked and splintered – was a fascinating horror.” How could it be that you were not what you seemed?” Unconscionable! Right?

I have witnessed many fabled fixtures, lowly men and women, that we never thought we would be without, disappear. They grew tired of playing with us and felt like moving on. But still, we sit transfixed, confused by sudden abandonment. They will never return and so we must find someone else to follow.

Then of course we have to consider that we have often left it up to others to tell us where to go, how to think, eat, wear our hair and what to do.

We are in so many ways led but we never knew. We have always felt we were independent, but if we are really honest then we would come to see how much of what we do have been based on looking, listening to or wanting to be someone else. It may be embarrassing to admit, after all, we thought we were different. But we have allowed ourselves to be led.

Though it may be a scary thought for many, how about we remove the leash and travel a path designed for each of us?

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