Hurt people Hurt

Hurt people Hurt

i am not a toy
you can play with
when i displease you
you cannot put me away
when you need me
you cannot then
pick me back up
i am not here for your pleasure
to dance and shift
as your whim fancies
i'm not here today
and gone tomorrow
like a figment of your imagination
i am not a pet project
a hobby
that bears the essence of a novelty
to wish me dead
because i harmed you
and to lift me up when i please you
i am not your mirror
to reflect what you need to see
your voice that soothes your ego
your pleasure is not my pain
so i will not claim it
you cannot know me
because you have not earned that right
my i will become my I
now hear me!

did you hear me?

To divest from selfish to self-less
I  peeked into hell
and as I did
I looked deeply
too deeply
and saw carnage
some created by me.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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