Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

Like a dream
it consumes me.
I rest my hand where my heart use to be
The dagger remains
buried deep,
like fault lines
no longer aligned.
lava spews ready to burn
me alive.
Will I heal?

My shame milady evergreen.
touch me not!
Or I will fall apart
never to be clued back together again.
Do I want to be?

I shiver and shake in fear of what's to come
drenched in impotency.
my past chases me
the laughter of yesterday
mocks me.
What could have been?
Warmth removed,
replaced by midnight blue.

I stand alone 
as I must.
Will I die
before life returns,
before the dawn awakens me?

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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