Being Me

Being Me

I tried to crawl - 
                    out of me
but it would not let me be
and hacked at loose ends
waiting to be completed.
All my insides spilled out
Blood everywhere.
I tried to melt me
to shape me
but I dried too quickly
like that hunchback I am now deformed.
then I took out my brains
set it aside, neatly
to make space for everyone but me.
But somehow my wires crossed
short circuit
explosion was imminent.
Wires got misplaced
For all I troubles they put me away
in a cold cold room
no windows.

Left to my own devices.
Left with nothing else:
"well may I could perhaps
Though shaped by this Frankenstein world
I am not a monster.
ill-shaped, wires crossed
I must find a way to be me.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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