Never Goodbye.

Dedicated to E. Smith

How could I 
completely let go of what has been
the better part 
of who I can become?

The memories keep me,
supply the food 
I need to sustain me.

Never goodbye.

For how can I say goodbye,
to the best,
the best and one of the brightest stars
that guided me?

How can I erase the memory,
of your boundless generosity?

I only left for a little while.
Because the world - 
had become too much for me.

I never forgot you.

But the shame of my neglect,
renders me a prisoner,
               who struggles to break-

So remember this;

No matter how long it may be
No matter how wide I search for

Until I find my way back to you,
it is never goodbye.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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