Keep It.

When God tells you His plans for you and a blessing is on the way, how about we keep it?

It is good to feel confident in telling someone you trust your secrets, desires or about a blessing on the way. However, you should keep it real close to your heart and not share it.

Many friendships have not stood the test of time because someone just had to share all the wonderful things they had going for them. There is a reason it says in Matthew 6:3 not to let your right hand know what your left hand does. Though it is in reference to giving to the poor, we can also recognise the importance of remaining silence in order to allow the will of God to manifest within the time it is suppose to.

I remember a couple of years ago a wise lady told be something, then warned me about telling anyone who may become jealous. However, I had this one person I thought would be happy for me and I told her, and as you guess it is still blowing up in my face. Since then I have been constantly reminded of the need to keep most, if not all, things private. I also recognise the importance of not living in a moment that has not been given to you as it and to never think or act out of pride. You see I felt good about what I had been told and I wanted to share with someone who would hype me up, but it didn’t happen that way.

If you really think about it, why do we want to tell others everything going on with us? Is it because we want to gloat and seek the praise of others? Sometimes we think our intentions are pure, but when we really examine our motives at times we realise that in the things we do there is often an ulterior motive. We also have to think, really think and be honest, does it even do something to boost our self esteem when everyone can recognise how good or blessed we are?

Often times we share without thinking whether or not this is something that the person needs to hear or even wants to hear. We regale them with ALL our blessings and slowly count them one by one before them. While, they stand their in their valley season listening to what we have and remembering what they do not. We have to consider whether it would be better for their peace of mind, for their own sense of worth if we were not so vocal about all these wonderful things we have or have to look forward to. Each person reacts to things and certain why that most times does not match your expectations of them. Instead of bombarding them with all our plans and blessings, maybe we should ensure that we do our part to ensure that we add value to the exchange; so, that everyone leaves feeling good and committed to their own path, instead of being stuck on each other’s journey.

For many of us it’s hard to be secretive and just shut up about what is happening or what we plan to do. however, we need to remember to operate in secret and when the time is right what needs to be revealed will be without any help on our end.

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