A Story that Needs Telling

But she continues to run, running for her life. She is inconsolable. Everyone who mattered were leaving, leaving her alone with strangers!

“Damn di camera nah focus!”

Everyting was now sideways. All she felt was the sharp sudden sting of the belt as it descended mercilessly, threatening to tear her a part.

“go back!” “How deh pickney yah so tubban eh?”

was that admiration at how stubborn I can be? I need to file that away for use someday. She continues to run of course, until they disappeared. By now she was tired, she could go no further and so she stood there crying out her very soul. As she stood there crying her little heart out, large hands grab her and take her back. She was going back to a new home; but, all the same it was not her home and it would never really be hers.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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