Goodbye Road…

I thought I would revisit the topic of saying goodbye because there are many times when we not only have to say goodbye but need to do so.

I am sure there are persons who are very sad or even depressed because they have come to this crossroads. You stand at the intersection looking back at what was and mourn the loss of it. It is a deep and painful chasm that can paralyze you for life. Many persons do not recover from them because it may be for them, a revolving door of goodbyes.

We may have to say goodbye to things and people who have become toxic; we love them but we cannot live with them. We may also have to say goodbye to hobbies or a job that is slowly destroying the best of us.

Saying goodbye sometimes only mean “see you later, when things get better”. It doesn’t mean you were never there and you did not value the experiences while it lasted; it simply means that in order to keep your head above water, you had to make a sudden detour. You have to take another path all by yourself but you have not forgotten the ones you had to leave behind, It doesn’t mean you will never support them or continue to love them. This time you will not be there to laugh, play, celebrate or cry with them; you’ll be somewhere looking on and cheering for them, still supporting them.

Having to say goodbye over and over again will help you to hold the people that matter the most tighter when you’re with them, to appreciate them ten times more. And when it’s time to let go, you can celebrate the fact that you grew together, ate and slept together and at that moment in time, it was all that mattered and it was enough…

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Sometimes goodbye is just too hard…

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