No Limits…

The discontent that lies in the human condition is not satisfied simply by material things.

Derek Walcott

Too young or not too inexperienced or not…

Have you ever been told you are too young or too old? If you have then what was your response? Did you accept this reasoning as valid for your life and just went about your business? Well being told that you are too old or too young is one of the great tragedy of many persons we see around us. The tragedy is in the fact that we have been conditioned to think this is true.

We may hear many stories of persons who accomplished great things in the latter part of their lives or when they were ridiculously young. We have dutifully been impressed and categorise them as the real G.O.A.T. We feel good because we have heard their story but when we think about us being just as great, the safe line to use in our situation is, “it’s too late for me”. When I was younger, I boldly or foolishly suggested to my grandmother to divorce my grandfather. I was of the impression that she would be a lot happier without him. Instead of receiving a spirited lick from her, she instead said in the saddest and most regretful voice, “it’s too late”. with those words I felt the deeply held pain she had been careful never to show me and I wondered how much she must have suffered and was suffering because she felt her life was rooted with this man.

I have always been told I was a very precocious child and I know I was but that precociousness was well and truly beaten out of me. I was told I was ‘dry eye” facety ect. However, I realise that displaying those characteristics, was not a bad thing on their own, but they required proper guidance and nurturing. My grandparents were of the generation where “children should be seen and not heard” and so instead of being taught how to properly channel that precociousness, it was stamped out as a matter of course.

Nowhere in Between

I do not believe it is ever too late for doing what you want nor do I believe it’s ever too early. I believe that things happen and change is possible when it is the right time. if you have the physical and mental acuity then it can never be late. Often times we talk ourselves out of experiencing the best of ourselves, the best life we will ever have because we believe, or society has told us we are too early or too late. Therefore, we spend our lives in a kind of purgatory, never truly feeling as if we have arrived. We always feel as if we are perpetually in transit, never able to truly fit in anywhere. To accept that it’s too late or too early is to give up on yourself, your dreams and your happiness.

Fight Back

You fight back against the tide by being determined in the face of naysayers or challenges. when you accept that no one can determine your manufacture or expiration date but God, then you are already equipped to succeed at whatever you want to succeed at. However, the challenge lies in remaining motivated to do what you must to realise your potential at any age. Ignite your own flame if you have to and protect it from the ravages of doubt and fear.

Photo by Nick Demou from Pexels

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