You Have No Excuse!

On my way to work this morning I had no idea what this post would be about, I had so many thoughts swirling around in my head. “I’ll figure it out when I get to work”.

Life is full of interesting surprises.

I took the taxi and at in the back, already there was a small boy with a bag. Not just any bag, but what we in Jamaica refer to as a crocus bag. I sat, got comfortable and the taxi drove off – We were on our way. I suddenly saw the boy open the top of the bag and ask, “yuh a’right”. This definitely had my attention. At the same time another passenger was picked up and the boy tried to shift the bag away from the side of that passenger. The taxi man then asked the little boy what was in the bag, he promptly responded that it was a cock fowl and he defended his action, when challenged, by letting the taxi man know he had to protect his money! A cock, no big deal maybe it’s a school project. Don’t ask what kind of school project, I was just as baffled as you.

Long story short. This little boy was taking the cock to school and after school, he would be taking said cock to a cock figh! Now at this point everyone in the taxi were like, “what in the world of tarnation is this?” According to him the cock had never lost a fight and so he, having made quite a bit of money on him already, was taking him to a cock fight after school!

After some questioning we learned that he had come prepared for the day with food and other things that would ensure the comfort of his champion fighter.He spoke with confidence of his cock’s abilities and wining ways and I was left to marvel at the ingenuity and initiative of this child that looked no older than 11!

Granted I got a little squeamish at the thought of a cock fight, and felt a little sorry for him; but hey that’s not the point here.

It was clear that this little fellow had a passion and knew how to pursue it. As children there were things we wanted to do and pursue as adults and it just hasn’t materialized yet. What we need to do it seems is to tap into our passions and pursue them relentlessly.This little fellow spoke with such confidence and fearlessness about his plans and I knew he would not b easily dissuaded from his mission of attending and having his investment participate in that match today after school!

If you have lost your passion, now is the time to rediscover it. You have no excuse not to.

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