When You’re at the Top, Then What?

It’s a whole new world when you are at the top [cue a whole new world please]! If you are already there congratulation! If not, don’t give up, you will get there. It ‘s only a matter of time. When you do, be happy and celebrate, but proceed with caution. It’s a long way down, if you fall…

It’s not what you can see from the top, but what you cannot.

While you are there, or, before you get there, think about where you want to go from there.

Many belief that once you are at the top of the game, there is no where else for you to go, “hey look fam, I finally made it”. At the top you can either go higher than you had ever imagined going, or, as is most often the case today for many, you can go crashing down where you started or sinking so low, that it is impossible for you to recover. When you reach the top, the show doesn’t end; this is where it gets even more interesting and dangerous!

At the top is where everyone may finally gets to see the real you and you may discover some new things about yourself. It’s easy to become dazzled by the sun or in this case all that glitters. You get so high that your brain stops functioning properly, and you begin to lose sight of the things and people that truly matter in your life.

Being at the top can either reignite your passions, or kill them.

The danger at the top is being tricked into thinking that you are now invincible. You forget that you are human and start believing in your own power to order the world as you please. You have now become a narcissist.When you are that high, what is fake becomes real and what is real has no value to your new image. Having such an outlook can lead not to greater things but ultimately you self destruction; and as hard as you have worked to get where you are, you can lose it all with the stroke of a pen, in the blink of an eye.

Some persons never imagine how easy it is to lose that spot up top, until it is snatched from under them. That lesson for may is too hard and they never recover.

The Authentic self is the soul made visible

Be Authentic

So, sometimes it’s necessary to climb off your mountain top and reconnect with your roots. When you are at the top you may be able to see everything, but you may miss the little details that matter. To truly remain on top you need the humbling experience of being on the ground with everyone else, being your authentic self.

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