It Takes More Than You…

I am sure that we have often faced the dilemma of, “going it alone”.You may feel you have the mental or physical stamina to do any and everything under the sun.

We begin our ascent to descent when we choose to do everything without help
We begin our ascent to descent when we choose to do everything without help

We are sure that we can make it all by ourselves if we are patient and prepared. then as we go along the baggage we carry gets harder and harder to bear. We may stop for awhile to continue later…

Some of us become distracted and fail to continue. Others, eventually continuing, realize that the path ahead is too unfamiliar and we simply wander aimlessly trying to find the way.

We may notice that there are some persons ahead of us and some behind and some just upon us. We allow them to get farther, closer or pass us. we never utter a word until everyone is out of sight.

“No one can say I didn’t do it on my own”.At the same time by doing it alone, we get no closer to our goal; we have not made it.

Maybe this is the perfect time to decide if you really can do it by yourself, if that is necessary or even what you really want to do.

There are days when you really need someone to tell you, “it’s okay, try again tomorrow”, “it’s okay if things do not happen the way you want them to”. To celebrate great and small victories and someone who will be there when you need them. You will definitely (need someone) to help you from going over the edge!

No matter how great we are and how much we have achieved, you can’t do it all. It may take two, three, four or more but you certainly, you can’t do it with just you…

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