I’m Coming Out

It’s the start of yet another work week. It…is… Monday.

At this pronouncement I am sure I can hear many cries of dismay and the shattering glass of our weekend illusion. Our disillusionment will be at its peak until around Wednesday. Until then we have very little to console us. It’s back to the grind of the work week, back to yet another week of helping to build someone else’s dream. With this attitude we are not sure how much will get done or even if we really care.

But this is only if you do not love what you are doing. We do our best when we do what really matters to us. there are many who look forward to going to work or school because they love what they do when they go there. No matter how tired they may feel, no matter the obstacles they face, they are always ready to try again and give a little more. They walk, talk, act and think with a purpose.

If you fall in the former, it means that you need to come out of that comfort zone that for you, leads nowhere. Move from behind your fear of failure and rejection and take the time to really find your purpose and live it.

This sounds a lot easier said than done. Trust me it’s a lot easier to type the truth than to actually practice it. Also, it’s always easier to give advice than to take it. But if we really are doing things that make us unhappy, why are we not willing to fight for our happiness? Why do our lives have to be whirlpools of unhappiness that blind us from living our purpose.

We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable for the rest of our lives. this sounds a bit dramatic but it is the truth. In whatever area of our lives: personal or professional, we and no one else, have the key to us being happy.

So as we reach another full moon,come February 19 that will eventually lead to a new one, let us consider if we need to come out of the rut that we have been sitting in for years and finally do something that signals a desire for change.

Let us be brave enough to not only have dreams, but to live them. Let us not just have intentions and set goals, but begin to act on them. Let us find fertile soil to plant them in, so one day we can have a harvest. That secret treasure that you have will remain useless and valueless if no one knows about it.

As you get up and get ready to face the world keep these words from Diana Ross in mind:

The time has come for me
To break out of the shell
I have to shout
That I’m coming out

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