Stuff Happens…

Perfection is overrated. I’m sure you know this by now. If not then don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Many of us know that one person who makes us say “look at her, she thinks she’s perfect”. Along with our disdain is envy at their success in making perfection stick. While we struggle to get even the basic done, they have circled us many times and counting.

However, the perfectionist has no concept of failure. It’s not in their vocabulary. As such, they live their lives constantly on the edge. They try to be everything to everyone. They spend their entire lives catering to the needs of others, in order to be praised for their efforts. Always looking for validation from others who say:

“No one can do it like you can”

“You are so perfect”.

My advice if any one were to tell you this would be to run. Run as far as you can away from that person. This is why; they are not looking for a real flesh and blood person but an image that they have molded and covered you under. For the rest of your life you will have to perform as Ms or Mr Perfect. This is a challenge that will lead not only to their bitter disappointment but yours as well.

It has been said that perfectionism makes life an endless report card on accomplishments or looks.

What makes the situation of a perfectionist even more tragic is the impossibility of the effort. There is no perfect perfectionist. If there was, then the world would be…perfect! There would be nothing to aspire to. You would just be.

Instead many persons live their lives trying to ignore their imperfections until they are tripped by them. They experience a fall that may end up being too damaging for them to recover from. Their only consolation is a life long stay in motel regret.

Avoid Regret At All Cost!

What we should aim for is a celebration of our imperfections. We have been conditioned to belief that mistakes are bad and the worse the mistake the more we should be punished. So when we step beyond the line, we are beaten back, into submission to “toe the line”.

Some believe that we must show regret when we make mistakes, mistakes that should haunt us for the rest of our lives. This mindset comes with the burden of trying to be perfect. Many see regret as something negative, however it is at those moments, when we are at our worst that we should give the best we have to give.

Instead of hiding and allowing your mistakes to consume and ruin your life, hold them up to the light and examine them carefully, so that those pitfalls can be avoided in the future. We can grow beyond, and out of our regrets. But only if we stop feeding them. When we are able to shake off the cloak of perfection, and accept that things happen because that is the way they are suppose to happen, then will we be content in any situation.

We should always be aware that the struggles that we face is worse for someone else. And though it is worse for others, they are still able to overcome and grow in spite of them.

when we try to assume a perfect image, regret becomes a killer of the soul. Stuff happens and nothing is guaranteed. When we operate outside the lines of a perfect world, there will be no regrettable experiences, just experiences.

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