Lies That They Tell

When you seemed as if you had the potential to be something great! They all came. They all said they would support and carry you for as long as needed. Then it took longer than they surmised and you got heavy and they left you… by the roadside midway. At that point they told me they would come back, they just needed to catch their breath… they never returned.

Then when they see you coming they hide from you, pretend not to see you or worse, lie right to your face. Then it was, “Things got rough”, and they crossed a river thinking it was the Promised Land, but the tide got high and they could not return for you. They tell you they knew you would make it and that God was testing you and you are stronger than you thought because hey, here you are. Or worst, they find fault with you before you find fault with them. They question why you were so careless to get so heavy, why could you just not be lucky, why you allow life to give you lemons and not cultivate a lemon tree, to make lemonades for them to drink so they could carry you.

You can see that they are looking at you, they have sized you up and have decided that you are not worth their time, you never were. You then were an opportunity that did not materialise and now they are hunting new prey and wish you far away from them. They allow you, if you care to, to come by them but they have nothing to offer you, not even salt to suck on. There are no welcome smiles, no tearful goodbyes, just a too-bright farewell, with lies in their eyes. You have nothing to give, nothing to reflect and so all you get is pitch-black death.

Then you remembered, all the fun you use to have, all the love they had wrapped, waiting for you to come and collect. You remember they use to smile, use to care, use to share. Now, all they see is a burden, one to trifle with but never to encourage. Then you realise, it was all a lie. So, at this point, what will you do?


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