It’s A Mess Out Here!

So, you thought once you had a plan, once you know your purpose, everything would be alright. I’m, sure you have been praying, hoping and wishing upon a star that you would know the direction you should be headed in. Now you know and now you are but it’s still hard! Well, you are still making silly mistakes and stepping on too many toes and it all gets frustrating. However, the mess may be what you need right now and a little heads up, nothing will be perfect.

There will be days when everything is going right, your step is light and you feel as if you are invincible. At such a time nothing is impossible and your marvel at your stamina and resilience. There is nary a dark cloud lurking nearby, the horizon is clear and you know you will make it. Those days are golden, enjoy them but be prepared for the turbulence of your off days. On those days all you want to do is sit somewhere and cry, sometimes you don’t know why and sometimes you do. You remember all the hurt that you thought you swept away, all the disappointments and wonder if they all will come back again. On those days you doubt yourself, you have no answers and you feel the tentacles of cold failure squeezing the life out of your progress.

On those days if you cry that is okay, if your thoughts are dark it’s also okay. However, you cannot remain there too long because those feelings and those thoughts can paralyse and worse drown you. Never give in, fight dirty if you must. Use every weapon at your disposal – and you have some, just remember them and look for them.

Achieving anything worth having will be messy. We need to remember this and smile and the storms because they will pass in time.

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