The Grieve!

The Grieve!

Please - 
give me today.

Tomorrow I will laugh and dance and sing.

Today let me grieve.

The pain is too much to bear.

I do not know how..

The words are not enough...

This white sheet
has four corners that limit my grief.

Let me wrap myself in my shroud of grief
pile ashes high like Blue Mountain Peak
on my head.

Let my grieve!

Let me die a little today
come back  later
and carry on,
no ascension
right here so
I will stay.

Right now it is too much
to bear.

Right now I cannot stop these tears.

I cannot be your strength

I cannot bring you ease.

All I have is my grief.

So let me grieve!

Let me cry, bawl and halla
When I am done
I will smile through these same tears.

It doesn't matter just let me be.

But when I am done
 I will never be the same.


                              *bawl -to cry 
                              **halla - (holler) to cry out loudly

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