Not Everyone can go Up the Mountain

Not everyone can go up the mountain with you.

I am sure that at some point you dreamed about who would be there with, at each milestone. Yes there were some you knew for sure, who would not make it. But, there were others whom you were sure would be there, who would always be there no matter what. However, as time goes by people start disappearing and you begin to wonder what happened? What could you have done to hold on to them, to make them stay?

I am realising now, just now, that not everyone will be with you in the end. Whether it is family, friends or the ones you have grown so attached to. Because you had started thinking life would be unimaginable with everyone still there, you may get stuck when they leave you.

The truth is, not everyone was meant to be there at the end and not everyone were even there to cheer you on. Some were there to prove to you that there is no greater power than that of The Most High. Some were there to remind you of how strong you are when they betray you, to remind you how easily you can be tempted, how weak you are without the support of those who truly love you. Some are there to remind you, to remind us, that at the end of it all we are all just people, trying to do the best we can, which is incomparable to the experience of others.

Going up a mountain, I can only imagine, can be a daunting enterprise and we need the human chain that can never break. We will need those who will be willing to lay down to ensure that our path will not be too rocky, We will need some who will push us up when we can go no further and drag us along when we consider stepping back; when we think of letting go of that seemingly impossible dream.

Not everyone can go with us up our mountains, we may lose some along the way but it is okay. We will never forget those who helped to get us there, those we lost and those who showed their true colours. There may be some pain, pain so great that you think you cannot bear it; but you will make it.

And when you get to that mountain top and look over at the other peak, you will just be grateful that God provided just enough of the right people to help you reach that milestone. You will be glad that it was those few special gems who got to experience it with you and who will help you along your journey to the next mountain.

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