The Unconventional Route

For many, the Christmas season is a busy period, filled with never ending trips to shops and stores; to and fro. It’s a marathon of spending sprees, on trinkets that do not last beyond the season and food that only settle at the waist line come January morning. This year because I am lazy and because I really do not feel very ‘christmassy”, I have decided to boycott the rush and bustle of the season. I am keeping a low profile!

Instead I decided to join the St. Jago High School Red Cross and Peer Counselors, as they visited two homes: The Wortley Home for Girls and The Mustard Seed Communities, both in Kingston.

It was hoped that this first sojourn into uncharted territory, would be a rewarding and humbling experience . And it was.

As a group, I believe we left appreciating how to enjoy a sense of togetherness and tolerance. How to take self out of the picture and to replace it with the comfort and happiness of others. Also, how to be grateful for simple things we take for granted. The freedom to move, think and act independently. And how a simple smile, off-key tune or poorly executed dance move, can bring immeasurable joy to those who have learned to be content with what we would consider very little.

The unconventional route always takes you to unexpectedly profound spaces, beyond our limited worlds.

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