She Breathed You

She Breathed You

                 for A. Wright-Dallen

She knew you before you were formed
she kissed you.
A promise from God
          Sent when ready.
She wrapped you in a cloud 
Of rainbow kisses.
Ready to taste your bitter-sweet moments….
Before she touched you 
She waited.
Till God knew she was ready.
Ready to give you the unconditional love you deserved.
She breathed you and you breathed her.
She had to wait in
and out 
She had to move a heavy and ungodly stone
stretched every fiber of her being to receive you.
She will use every God given talent to keep you safe.
she’ll give you strength borne out of love
She’ll take your pains and make them her own.
Like a warrior she will fight battles with and for you.
You belong to her until you belong to yourself.
Then she will step offstage 
Being your eyes and ears when you cannot find your way
a hand permanently stretched 
waiting always,
With love...

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