What is Life?!

I find myself in 2020 exclaiming or whispering “what is life!” much too often. The most recent reason for this outburst stems from being hit with a cold dose of reality. The disappointment of being reminded that life has been set in such a way that it is very difficult to really get off the hamster wheel that is life in the 21st century. It is a disappointment that makes me even more determined to work in the right way to get the results that will lead to my peace of mind and overall health. Not only do I have to work but I have to be smarter about how I use the resources available to me.

Things are easier said than done.

It is hard to reconfigure your brain to adjust to all the truths that you are faced with, almost as if sometimes you are being constantly attacked with them and their is no clear escape route. The only thing you have is the determination not to be completely overwhelmed, and thereby defeated by so many harsh, unyielding truths. it is hard to think clearly when you cannot make heads or tail of a situation, you don’t know what to do.

You have to find the peace within to make sense of the senseless and the uncomfortable.

So disappointment has reared its ugly, ugly head once more and knocked you on your butt. However, there is no option but to find a new way to tackle the problem that has not been solved.

This is life!

Even though you feel like you are travelling through sargasso sea,the challenging of escape is one you have to take. What becomes of life if you accept that the challenge is too great? You will never get to your destination and by your thoughts you will already be defeated. One good thing about the sargasso sea is the calmness, therefore one not see positives in those ugly truths.

At least you have the chance to map out new strategies and mount new defenses that will get you to where you should be.

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